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Sixty Years - A Photographic Journey by Charles Niewenhous

Price: $39.95. 11" x 12", 132 pages, hard cover.

North Truro, Cape Cod, MA July 2005-Fields Publishing released Sixty Years: A Photographic Journey, a new book of photography by Charles Niewenhous. The 132-page coffee table format book with captions and personal footnotes documents the incredible life and work of World War II merchant mariner and commercial photographer Charles Niewenhous. This rich collection of never-before-published black and white and color photographs captures the spirit and heart of an adventurous young mariner who survived war under incredible stress and danger, now retold through the unflinching lens of his faithful camera. leaf

Niewenhous looks back with us in his first-ever book Sixty Years: A Photographic Journey chronicling personal, life-defining experiences beginning and ending on America's east coast, and circumnavigating the globe in between. This photographic essay is the crowning work of a humble man who embraced art to capture history and celebrate the American experience. His voyage leads us to the sandy shores of Normandy, the horror of Hiroshima, and on to a triumphant return to the port of Los Angeles. These destinations and Niewenhous' post-war travels to the Caribbean, South America and the Philippines and, ultimately, back home to the back roads of his native America form the fabric of a vibrant sixty year journey. Memorialized in this rare photographic collection Sixty Years: A Photographic Journey opens our eyes to the human condition, risky circumstances, forbidden passages and stunning natural vistas.

Photographer Charles F. Niewenhous shares time between homes in Weston, Connecticut and Truro, Massachusetts.  Born in 1924, Niewenhous represents the greatest generation of Americans still alive today. The Great Depression, World War II and the new prosperity of the 1950s defined the first three decades of the photographer's remarkable life.